Continue the Workflow with Online Modular ups System

UPS system, a blessing of technology, that reduces the problems and lets the system continues. We are now in a phase where power outages or fluctuations have become a ubiquitous problem, especially in the places where the continuity of workflow is necessary. To continue the workflow in these places it is salient to choose a reliable UPS. An online 3-phase modular UPS provides the highest level of redundancy.    

What is a 3-phase Modular UPS?

3-phase modular UPS is an electrical unit that is cleaved in three phases input or output that provide 3 sine waves, spaced 120 degrees apart from each other. A 3-phase modular UPS needs at least four wires, including three-conductor plus and one neutral to support the output and provide smooth backup power to the equipment when the main power is unavailable. 

An online 3-phase modular UPS system is a great choice for harsh environments with critical equipment including medical environments, data centers, industrial buildings, etc to protect them from uneven power problems. It not only simplifies the power continuity plan but also allows acquiring a centralized power protection plan. 

Few Advantages of Using 3-phase Modular UPS System

A modular 3-phase online UPS system provides the following benefits-

Lower Cost of Installation and Redundancy

Installing a modular 3-phase UPS is cost-effective than installing other types of UPS systems. While other UPS systems are designed to continue the work during the whole time of their lifespan, at the same time modular 3-phase UPS is designed to minimize failure and be flexible as per the required redundancy. 

Greater Level of Efficiency

UPS systems generally cannot give the best performance while the load is running at 100%, but a modular 3-phase UPS can maintain the higher ratio of the equipment and continue the workflow in the most efficient way. 

One more problem with one phase and other UPS systems is, for being large and heavy it can be a little bit difficult when delivering on the site. On the other hand, a modular 3- phase UPS system can be broken down into parts while delivering and assembled back in on the site, which reduces the delivery cost. 

Reduction Failure

If a standalone UPS system goes onto bypass due to overload, it needs to be isolated to be repaired. It takes a lot of time to find the problem, repair the part, and in case the part isn’t available then it takes more time to settle everything. But when it comes to a 3-phase modular UPS system then the faulty module can be removed and replaced with a new one. This overall process is very easy and it hardly takes any time. Also during this process, other modules ensure the functionality of the work process by continuously providing backup power. 

Lower Cost of Batteries

While a standalone UPS system needs two separated batteries at the same time a modular 3-phase UPS has a centralized battery shared by the other modules. 

Why Modular 3-phase UPS System is Better?

3-phase modular UPS provides centralized power protection to a site and simplifies a power continuity plan. Single-phase UPS systems have only 3 conductors, at the same time a 3-phase modular UPS contains three conductors to provide a nonstop backup power to the load. Places like power plants, data centers, hospitals, where the demand for power is very high, a modular 3-phase UPS proves its efficiency by carrying a greater load. In the longer run, 3-phase modular UPS saves more money than the single-phase UPS with its longer life expectancies. Also, it doesn’t need heavy gauge copper wires a single-phase UPS system. So it also saves the total cost of ownership. It lowers the main time to repair. 3-phase modular UPS system contains a bypass switch for easy maintenance. 

There is a possibility of creating a lot of problems due to power failure in IT companies, hospitals, and industrial environments because these places cannot afford power outages or fluctuations even for a second. Instability of power not only hamper the workflow but also lead to loss of profit, data loss, damaged equipment, even it can be dangerous for human lives. An online 3-phase modular UPS system is a single unit that provides power conditioning, voltage transformation, surge protection, and many more. In simple words, it is an all-in-one unit that is able to provide nonstop backup power to the equipment during power problems including, spikes, surges, electrical impulses, overvoltages, under voltages, brownouts, blackouts, frequency variation, etc. 

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