Significance Of Battery Backup In Financial And Banking Systems

The major function of any UPS or battery backup system is to contribute a reliable source of power in the event of a catastrophic loss of main electricity.

Imagine a scenario in which you are standing in a queue at a bank and there is a power breakdown for hours. The public nuisance created in a short time is just unimaginable, that is only due to the power drop. The banking and financial sectors are the lifelines of the entire business community and the world also. Every day, millions of transactions take place in the banking and financial sectors which enable smooth operations of other businesses.

Benefits of battery backup in banks

The banking sector is dependent on highly resilient business infrastructure systems and services. Uninterruptible power supplies are therefore a crucial and essential component of this. A key consideration for this type of UPS installation is the necessity to maintain high availability. Alongside this, other considerations may include the requirement to curtail ongoing costs, boost energy efficiency and have the flexibility to support the expansion of the business infrastructure and services in the future.

Nowadays online mobile bill pay has only increased in such a way that the demand for 24/7 access and more reliable backup power has risen. With UPS battery backup to smooth over evolutions to extended backup power during outages, you can reliably close out daily processing or keep operating during emergencies.

Battery backup in other finance sectors

Finance is a sensitive sector with an emphasis on minimal downtime as even a minor technical hitch can disrupt thousands of daily customers and any loss to hardware could potentially result in data loss. These institutions are becoming increasingly dependent on data centers and cloud storage as customers continue to move to online banking and smartphone banking through apps rather than the traditional cashier. All of this data depends on a continuous power supply to keep the servers up and operating at all times. Any power issues could potentially lead to a loss of business as doubts may creep in around a financial institution’s capacity to safeguard personal data.

UPS or battery backups for financial services and insurance companies not only store data centers to protect access to records and critical processing, but they can also be grasped to support point-of-use computers, server room computers, ATMs, and other onsite devices in the case of an outage.

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