What UPS Will Be Best For Your Company – Online Or Offline?

UPS is an abbreviation for Uninterruptible Power Supply and the justification for its name is that it provides a consistent supply of power without any interruption. In Normal operation, it pulls current from the AC mains, and during a power outage; it draws current from its backup source.

The switch between the sources like the AC mains and the battery in case of power failure is instantaneous. But it does take some time. This time delay during the switching may damage some sensitive electronic equipment while other devices may endure it in a specific range. This is where one UPS and Online UPS Malaysia come into the scene.

What is Online UPS?

The online UPS is connected to the main load all the time or until the battery in it gets charged. In this case, the electronic device gets the power from the online UPS every time and not directly from the AC main supply. So, even at the time the main AC fails, the electronic device’s operations need not be stopped. One such good instance of online UPS is the Laptops. We could use laptops during the charging time or we could even use them later after getting fully charged. However our use might be, our device obtains power only from the charging or charged battery connected to the main power supply.

What is Offline UPS?

The Offline UPS need not find its usage often as It is demanded only when the main power supply fails. In this case, the electronic device is powered directly from the main AC power supply and not from the UPS. When there is any power surge or fluctuation in the main input power, offline UPS delivers power to the electronic devices. Therefore, these kinds of UPSs are used only during power failures and not all the time. One of the best examples of offline UPS is the desktop computers that service our homes or offices where a separate UPS unit works and it supplies power to the computer in the case of power failures. The only required measure is the switching delay. An offline UPS works better if it’s capable of doing the switch in less time.

Difference between online and offline UPS

Since the current drawn by the AC load is continuously flowing through its whole circuit, the temperature of the system upsurges. Therefore, it needs comparatively larger heat sinks and components that can resist high temperatures and can tolerate current flow for a very long duration. Due to such requirements, the cost of Online UPS Malaysia increases significantly.

The Offline UPS mostly stays off in regular operation and because of that, the temperature of the components remains low. Therefore, it requires smaller heat sinks and the components with a lower tolerance can be utilized which also decreases the overall cost of the offline UPS.

Battery life

Since offline UPS stays off in its normal operation and does not use the battery constantly, the efficiency of the UPS system increases.

Online UPS continuously draws current from the battery which reduces the lifetime of the battery very fast compared to offline UPS. They are more inefficient in retaining the battery life because they continuously stay ON even in normal operation.

Operating Temperature

The online UPS provides power to electronic devices whenever those devices are switched on. It gets charged and then supplies the power to the devices, also it has to work for more time and so is the operating temperature. But the offline UPS is utilized only during power failures. So, the operating temperatures are not always increased and it gets heated only when used for more time.

Extreme Voltage Distortion

When there are extreme voltage fluctuations in the main power supply, the offline UPS works best. Hence the more the voltage fluctuations maximize the uses of the offline UPS. A frequent switch could lead to switching delays and therefore could ultimately reduce its performance. But the Online UPS Malaysia is designed to deal with such extreme voltage fluctuations and therefore, such conditions are anticipated here. As the online UPS is always in operation irrespective of the voltage fluctuations of the main power, there is nothing to worry about.

What to choose?

When you need a UPS for a longer period and the main power supply fluctuates drastically, then online UPS is the best choice. But when you are much concerned about the cost and a lower operating temperature, with long battery life then it is obvious that you should go with the offline UPS.

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