Home Tips To Maintain Your Ups Battery And Make Its Life Longer

A UPS battery is an electronic device or circuitry that alters direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). The input voltage, output voltage, frequency, and overall power handling depend on the design of the specific UPS device or circuitry. It does not generate any power; the power is provided by the DC source. A power UPS can be completely electronic or maybe have an assortment of mechanical effects.

Proper care of the battery

The battery is the main equipment of the UPS. It is the most important component of the UPS as It is responsible for the good performance and long life of the UPS. Therefore regular maintenance and proper care of the battery are very crucial. Just like any other home appliance, your UPS and its battery demands regular maintenance for effective service and longer vivacity. Although they do not adorn your home, rather they help you live comfortably in the most difficult time during power cuts.

Home maintenance tips to secure the efficiency of the UPS:

Battery placement: Always choose a well-ventilated area for UPS installation. The temperature of the UPS battery increases during charging and operation. An airy place controls the heating up of the battery. It also reduces the regular water topping requirement.

Battery usage: After installation, regular use of the battery is very vital for longer battery health. In case there is no power cut, the battery still needs to discharge completely once every month and then recharge it.

Water level check: Ensure that the water level is maintained between the maximum and minimum water limit by checking the water level of the battery every two months. Distilled water should always be used to top up the battery. Using tap water or rainwater can harm the battery as it contains excess minerals and impurities which affect the life and performance of the battery.

Cleanliness: Always keep the surface and sides of the battery clean and dust free by using a cotton cloth to clean these surfaces

Protection from rusting: Battery terminals should be corrosion-free and rust-free. If the terminals get corroded by any chance, splash the solution of hot water and baking soda on the corrosive area or use a toothbrush for cleaning. This will wipe out the corrosion. Once the terminals become corrosion free, apply petroleum jelly to the terminals, nuts, and bolts to avoid future corrosion. Rusting and corrosion are very awful for battery performance because rusting in terminals weakens the current flow to and from the battery. This restricted flow of current results in slow battery charging which ultimately diminishes battery life.

Open vents: The vents around the battery should be dust free and open. Blocked vents lead to hydrogen gas expansion which may lead to the bursting of the battery.

Safe installation: Install the UPS battery at a safe place in your home which is out of the reach of children or in a less-used area for safety purposes. But at the same time make sure the place should be airy and properly ventilated.

Battery replacement: If the battery seems damaged or not functioning well, it’s better to replace it as early as possible. Regular inspection will keep you knowledgeable on your UPS and battery conditions.

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