Must-do steps to install a UPS Uninterruptible power supply

A UPS (uninterruptible power supply) system is an indispensable piece of equipment for any business or organization that relies on computer systems and other electronic equipment to operate according to need. It is employed to protect critical loads from utility-supplied power problems, including spikes, brownouts, fluctuations and power outages, all taking advantage of a dedicated battery. Nowadays organizations rely more essentially on reliable power systems than ever before. Selecting and installing a UPS system is an operation that may be costly, but also carries significant risks if installed improperly.

Choose the perfect UPS according to your need

There are several factors to consider when it comes to trusting a new UPS unit. However, the most important decision you can make is partnering with an authentic resource for consultation that makes a concerted effort to guide you through the entire decision-making process.

The process isn’t as simple as procuring a new piece of equipment, the installation of a specialized system must be integrated seamlessly with your specific needs and expectations.  An extensive plan on the front end should conduct a smooth installation, startup and life cycle of your new UPS Uninterruptible power supply unit.

Considerations for uninterruptible power supply installation

UPSs with batteries are heavy, yet they contain sensitive electronic equipment. These aspects assure the use of expert contractors with ‘air ride’ suspension vehicles and specialised lifting equipment who can comply with manufacturers’ recommended handling policies.

During the installation process, the delivery team will expect an already prepared space with a floor that can safely carry the equipment’s weight and be located to minimise problems for on-site personnel and business operations.

The impact of the UPS on existing air conditioning must be considered. Humidity and temperature must be maintained as per the UPS supplier’s specifications. However, an adequate enclosure for the batteries and associated switchgear is essential, as well as the provision of the area around the equipment for maintenance access. Extra space for future expansion should also be kept in mind.

Cable connection

The installed UPS system must be connected to the power distribution system. Generally small to medium UPS Uninterruptible power supply have bottom cable entry for the input and output AC cables and battery DC cables. This can be simplified either by using a cable trench in the floor or mounting the UPS on a steel plinth that is adequate to allow a satisfactory cable bend radius. If the UPS system is installed into a dedicated computer area, there should be a lifted floor to accommodate network and power cabling, and possibly cooling. The equipment and batteries should be mounted on adjustable steel stands, flush with the raised floor, to hold up their weight.


Most UPS systems come with a limited period of factory warranty. Also, most warranties do not enclose routine PM inspections. It is mandatory to have a plan for service during the warranty and once that warranty expires. A UPS system demands regular maintenance at regular intervals. Proper preventative care along with replacing batteries, capacitors and fans is a crucial action to protect your investment.

All UPS Uninterruptible power supply installations should finalize with a proper commissioning procedure conducted by the UPS supplier’s trained technicians. This should incorporate a complete check of system facilities and options, acceptance of environmental conditions, registration of serial numbers, initiation of warranty cover and user training in UPS operation. All must be checked before the delivery and installation technicians leave.

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