Regular Battery Monitoring To Maximizing Your Investment In Your Stand-by Batteries

If you’re operating a mission-critical systems company and relying on the protection of a UPS and battery bank, then it is vital to have a battery monitoring and management system. It’s about self-satisfaction – knowing that the batteries are healthy and being constantly monitored and figuring out that everything has been done to protect your enterprise from the consequences of a power failure.

A BMS Battery Monitoring System is a technology that restrains and monitors your battery performance. One of the most important functions of BMS is keeping a battery from operating outside its safety margins. The facility that houses the battery and the people that work in the facility will both be safer with a BMS in place as it will shut the battery down if it catches signs of any unsafe conditions. Other critical functions of a BMS are ensuring optimal overall performance and battery life.

Other specific functions of a BMS include managing cell voltage, current, temperature, and charge balancing. Charge control and internal short circuit detection are also managed with a BMS. A BMS’s roles differ depending on the costs, complexity, and size of the battery and its application.

A BMS works to help batteries evade damage by protecting them from being overcharged or over-discharged. This technology accomplishes this by monitoring a battery pack’s individual cells and then estimating the amount of current that can flow safely through the battery. Battery Longevity is also increased if overcharging and overdrawing are avoided.

RightPower provides the most advanced and cost-effective device for monitoring and managing stand-by battery banks. RightPower’s continuous data sampling, reporting, and battery management capability provides reduced costs, gives peace of mind, and, most importantly, guarantees that you have renewed batteries that will perform when needed.


Athe  continuous battery management system has three primary roles:

  • Identify faults and drawbacks in the battery bank early so preventative maintenance and replacement can be done in a secure and orderly way
  • Ensure the battery bank is maintained in an optimum environment to increase performance and life
  • Provide operators with confidence that there is adequate battery capacity to maintain systems for the designated time in the event of a power failure.

Where battery management system used

Battery management systems are various types that are used in most devices that use rechargeable batteries. They are very common in data centers, where UPS (uninterruptable power supplies) keeps shares online. Cars, especially electric, include battery management systems, and everyday portable devices like Mp3 players and smartphones.

A battery management system works simply as electronics to measure voltage and stop charging when the desired voltage is reached. At that point, they might shut down the power flow; in the event of irregular or risky situations, they might issue an alarm. A more intricate BMS monitors many factors that affect battery life and performance as well as ensuring safe operation. They may observe one-cell or multi-cell battery systems. Multi-cell systems may monitor and control the disorders of individual cells. Some systems connect to computers for refined monitoring, logging, email alerts, and more.

Aspects monitored and controlled by battery management systems include:

  • Main power voltage.
  • Battery or cell voltage.
  • Charging and discharge rates.
  • Temperatures of the batteries or cells.
  • Battery and cell health.
  • Temperature and flow for air or liquid cooling.

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