How Online UPS Works As A Must In Your Data Centres

The critical systems of your organizational infrastructure can’t manage without proper power. And the battery backup benefits of a UPS system ensure that they won’t. If your regular power source fails or voltage drops below a tolerable level, a UPS retains the power flowing, ensuring you can safely supervise your important assets.

systems are a near-constant presence in the server rooms of many companies to resist the risk of power failure. Because your requirement for an added power supply in the event of failure considers which battery backup solution is best for your systems and data. To protect your electronic equipment from various AC power fluctuations, Online UPS systems deliver power to the load without interruption.

Online or Double-Conversion UPS

UPS systems offer the highest protection against power loss by operating clean, consistent, and near-perfect performance without regarding the condition of incoming power. Double-conversion UPS are ruling nowadays by converting incoming AC power to DC, and then back to AC. These systems operate on fully isolated DC power continually and have a zero transfer time because they never need to switch to this source.

If your organization works with mission-critical IT equipment or data, you need to ensure its protection by a Double-Conversion UPS. Only Online UPS Malaysia offers the ultimate protection against blackouts, voltage sags & surges, over-voltage or voltage spikes, frequency noise, or harmonic distortion.

Services ensured by online ups

Whether you’re confronting or just anxious about the devastating effects of a power surge, Online UPS integration offers the highest level of protection. Services ensured by a Double-Conversion UPS solution include:

A safe transfer without losing any time –

In zero seconds power is converted from the DC to AC. The risk of data loss or corruption is eliminated by boasting a transfer time of precisely zero milliseconds between power failure and backup power restoration.

Voltage regulation –

Perfect voltage is regulated by the double conversion process in the online UPS. Output never flickers more than 2% from perfect voltage.

Battery-independent system –

This design ensures you’ll never need to restart your system after the battery dies. The pass-through power after the restored design stave of the restarting of remotely installed systems manually at midnight if the battery dies.

Flexible for your demand –

Online UPS Malaysia is flexible to suit your needs for the ability to add battery packs. Enable daisy-chaining to extend possible runtime via easy-to-install support.

How it helps IT infrastructure

Designed to protect mission-critical IT equipment, Double-Conversion UPS systems are commonly found in data centre installations, high-end servers, and large telecommunications installations.

Online, or double-conversion, enjoys advantages over other UPS solutions by offering always-online connectivity and providing zero transfer time to your equipment. The internal static bypass ensures that, in the event of a major UPS failure, you’ll maintain your online functionality and critical loads during repair replacement-induced downtime.

Online UPS also delivers a pure sine wave output, which is a smooth, redundant oscillation of AC power. Sine wave output ensures that equipment that is utilizing Active PFC power supplies does not go through shutdown when switching from utility to battery power.

Often defined as the “heart” of IT-based and data-based organizations, UPS systems are critical applications for many segments of the industry. The medical, financial, and education sectors depend highly on accessibility to data and records. Even a momentary lapse in power could make significant and costly implications for sensitive equipment.

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