Everything You Need To Know About the Industrial UPS System

Industrial UPS systems with single or three-phase output are designed for the harsh industrial environment. The flexible system concept allows full compliance to the client’s requirements with a wide range of options. Our team of installation professionals can provide a turn-key installation proposal that includes delivery, installation, and electrical interconnection.

Why choose our UPS systems for industrial usage?

Superior design with full digital control

Advanced battery management for continuous industrial power supply

Intelligent and highly efficient power inverter

Global service and maintenance

Compatibility for different industrial environments and applications

Flexibility in configuration and installation for the various industrial power supply requirements

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems especially for industrial applications are the perfect solution to enable continuous quality power supply. However, various industries use various kinds and capacities of UPS systems based on their requirements.
In large industrial facilities, power failures are extremely damaging for operational efficiency. Our industrial UPS systems can mitigate such effects with our superior functionalities and features. These extensive services include extended power backup and protection against several power quality issues. Right Power UPS systems can protect your advanced and critical equipment from unexpected power failure, voltage fluctuations, harmonics, surges, transients, or other specific industrial conditions. Industrial UPS Systems include advanced technologies to cover industrial equipment. We provide to multiple sectors for industrial UPS Systems through standard or customized solutions. From high amperage manufacturing processes to minuscule backup requirements, these systems can offer efficiency in every application.

Which UPS system is suitable for your facility?

There are three kinds of UPS systems in Malaysia to choose from-

  1. Traditional IGBT data center UPS

The Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistorized Inverter system is the standard for today’s data center UPS system. It gives a smaller footprint than its predecessor “Transformer Based UPS”. It is more productive and gives off less heat. Consequently, your traditional UPS system solution will use this technology. And is specially designed for computer-based loads.

  1. Transformer based UPS system

A transformer-based ups system will give a more strong tolerance for harsh loads on the output. Back in the day, all UPS Systems had internal transformers. The transformer was the reason for scrubbing power and isolating the loads from the power utility.

  1. Industrial UPS system

Today’s industrial ups system looks much like the older transformer-based ups system of the 1980s and 1990s. Nevertheless more modern componentry, inverter systems, as well as the transformer, provide for a robust system. These products can withstand powerful load environments such as a manufacturing or process facility. They can backup runtime through flywheel systems, ultra-capacitors, and a variety of battery systems.

Types of batteries for an Industrial UPS System

A traditional UPS system will use VRLA or Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries. An Industrial UPS System online can use similar batteries. Many times it will require to withstand higher temperatures. A longer-term battery can be installed such as a 10-year Pure Lead Battery. Ultra-capacitors are a choice for very short cycle runtime solutions. An Industrial UPS System in Malaysia may be properly sized to operate in tandem with a standby generator system for long runtime solutions. 

Electrical industries, computer-based industries, telecommunication industries, and so on will be highly beneficial by using RightPower’s customized UPS models. So, buy the right industrial UPS system and avoid unwanted power interruptions, production loss, and financial problems. Ultimately, make the right move to save money and save electricity.

Right Power Technology, founded in 2000, as a pioneer in developing and manufacturing advanced UPS systems and solutions, Right Power Technology now has the enviable distinction of being a significant player in the industry, education, and commercial fields. Visit our official website to see the best industrial ups suited to your requirements.