What is line interactive UPS?

Line-interactive UPS technology contributes power conditioning with a 4-6 millisecond break in power when switching to battery back-up and saves against the most common power problems experienced in a network. Here the UPS also regulates the voltage level and balances under and over voltages. This technology renders a good choice between reasonable protection and moderate operating expenses.

A line interactive UPS maintains the inverter in line and changes the course of the battery’s DC path from the normal charging mode to supplying current when power is lost.

With line-interactive UPS, the inverter becomes part of the output and is invariably on. The inverter can administer in reverse to charge the battery while AC input is normal and switch to battery power when input fails. Internal units provide filtering and voltage regulation that raises and lower utility power to the level required by the connected equipment. In some cases, line-interactive UPS systems rely on the battery to situate power so they may use the battery more often than online UPS systems that condition power through the double-conversion process.

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Various advantages of line-interactive UPS

  • High-reliability.
  • High-efficiency.
  • Reasonable voltage conditioning.
  • Lower electricity consumption.
  • Lower component count.
  • Lower operating temperatures.
  • Offers long-run types and standard types.

Various functions of line-interactive UPS:

Line interactive UPSs are designed to protect hardware and electrical equipment where an immediate and unexpected power disruption may happen. However, influenced by various working principles, these UPSs have different innate capabilities.

  • Surge/Noise Protection

Line interactive UPS Systems encompass surge suppression and line noise filtering units to safeguard the equipment from damage caused by lightning, surges, and electromagnetic (EMI/RFI) line noise.

  • Transfer Time to Battery

During an outage, a halt in power to a load of typically 2 to 10 milliseconds is unavoidable, while line-interactive UPS systems normally switch from line power to battery-derived power within 2 to 4 milliseconds, faster enough to keep all but a small percentage of the most power-sensitive device operating system without pause.

  • Pure Sine Wave OUTPUT

When operating from battery power, a line interactive UPS generates the waveform of its AC output. Many interactive UPS systems maintain pure sine wave output. Pure sine wave output provides maximum stability and superior compatibility with the sensitive device. Pure sine wave power is constrained by some equipment power supplies and prevents others from overheating, malfunctioning, or failing early.

  • Voltage Regulation

The voltage regulation is crucial, especially for low voltage conditions. Line-interactive UPS systems utilize automatic voltage regulation (AVR) to correct unstable voltages without switching to a battery. When voltage strikes a preset low or high threshold value, this type of UPS will detect and use transformers to increase or lower the voltage by a set amount to return it to the favorable range. Line-interactive UPS systems commonly regulate output within ±8-15% of the nominal voltage (e.g. 120, 208, 230, or 240 volts).

Line-interactive UPS systems are offline topology reinforced by the addition of voltage regulation features to the raw mains supply. These typically use either a ferro resonant transformer or a buck-boost transformer enactment. Both approaches decrease the frequency of transfers to the battery, slightly improving efficiency and reducing battery ‘wear’. Ferroresonant designs also offer power conditioning and tight voltage regulation, as well as an energy store that can sustain uninterrupted power supply output while the inverter activates.

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