Lithium-ion batteries, Put an End to Your Search for Reliable UPS battery

Lithium-ion batteries, Put an End to Your Search for Reliable UPS battery

In today’s society where humans are continuously evolving themselves with the touch of modern technologies. Our lives revolve around data centers, hospitals, and many more places. There is no need to say that those places are dependent on electricity, as well as UPS systems. UPS system is a crucial component, which provides an uninterrupted and smooth power supply to critical equipment during power unavailability. A Lithium-ion UPS battery ensures the functionality of the equipment by providing constant power. 

Importance of Using UPS Battery 

UPS battery, known as a secondary power source, provides protection to the equipment against power failure. A UPS battery refers to a stopgap between backup power and the actual power source. During an event of power outage or fluctuation, the system may take some time to respond to the unavailability of the main power source. The function of a reliable UPS battery is to cover the gap. 

How to Choose a Reliable Battery for UPS System?

Choosing the accurate battery UPS system is necessary. To find the best battery one needs to check the details of cost management, maintenance cost, load characteristics, and self-discharge rates of batteries. Before using the battery testing is also required because due to excess heat and evaporation the battery life may reduce.         

What is Lithium-Ion UPS Battery?

A Lithium-ion UPS battery is a rechargeable battery with high energy density and made of critical minerals such as graphite, lithium, and cobalt. In these types of batteries, during discharge lithium ions move through an electrolyte from the negative electrode to the positive electrode and come back while charging. 

Benefits, a Lithium-Ion battery Provides

Before purchasing a UPS battery, let’s take a look at the benefits it provides. With time lithium-ion batteries have proven as the game-changer for UPS systems.      

No changes in performance quality even in higher temperatures define a good battery. Compared to VRLA batteries a lithium-ion battery can resist higher temperatures. Li-ion batteries have the ability to provide great performance even up to 104 degrees F. This is the reason lithium-ion batteries are being used in harsh environments including industrial and many more.   

The lifespan of a lithium-ion battery is a major thing to notice. Li-ion batteries can resist 3000 to 5000 charge/discharge cycles. these batteries can run up to twice as long as those traditional VRLA batteries, which means, a lithium-ion UPS battery can run 8 to 10 years, even more, while a VRLA battery just runs for 3 to 5 years. It saves the maintenance cost and minimizes the risk of downtime because a UPS system can last 9 to 10 years, which means there is no need to replace the battery.   

One more reason for lithium-ion batteries to be famous in the market is their ability to recharge faster. When it comes to providing smooth backup power to the equipment, a UPS needs to be recharged quickly to full capacity. A reliable lithium-ion battery takes less time than VRLA batteries. A VRLA battery takes at least 12 hours to be charged from 0% to 90%, on the other hand, it only takes 2 to 4 hours for a lithium-ion battery to be fully charged, which minimizes the risk to suffer another outage. 

It is important for a UPS battery to be flexible, small, and light so that it can be easily installed in racks or elsewhere. Lithium-ion batteries are 40% smaller and at least 40% to 60% lighter than VRLA batteries so that they can be installed anywhere. Lithium-ion UPS makes it possible for companies to get more runtime in the same or less amount of place.   

Li-ion batteries contain an integrated battery management system to protect the battery cells from issues like, over or undercharging, high temperature, current, etc. It also provides maximum performance by increasing the life of the battery. 

To choose a reliable and sophisticated battery it is necessary to look at the total cost of ownership. Lithium-ion batteries save 50% of the total cost of ownership than other batteries with their ability to resist more charge/discharge cycles, longer lifespan, reduce maintenance, flexibility, smaller size that save the installation cost, and withstand higher temperature.  

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