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There was a time when the term electricity didn’t even exist. But now technology has taken us to another level. This evolution summons us to an era where everything, even our lives is connected with modern technology. With this evolving time, electricity has started to play a vital role in our daily life. Right now we all are in a situation where single unavailability of power isn’t acceptable at all. But every problem has its own unique solution. The UPS system is a modern solution to this ubiquitous problem. The UPS system is best known for providing nonstop backup power to avoid disasters in work during power disturbances including power outages or fluctuations. Places like data centers, hospitals, and harsh industrial environments cannot afford power outages or fluctuation, not even for a second. An exceptional and sophisticated UPS system like an online UPS systemcan rescue us from those problems. 

As a technological vendor Right Power is determined to provide you with the best experience with our best even during power outages.

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What is Online UPS System and how does It Work?

UPS systems are better known as uninterruptible power supply systems. They are well known for their capability to provide instant backup power to the connected electrical appliance within milliseconds during power disturbances. 

There are three types of UPS systems are available in the market: 

  1. Standby UPS system
  2. Line-Interactive UPS system
  3. Online UPS system

A reliable online UPS provides the connected appliance an instant uninterruptible power supply during any kind of power disturbance and keeps valuable data safe if the main power is not available. This online UPS system is connected between the loads and mains to ensure the safety of the load in an event of a sudden power outage or fluctuation. A sophisticated and efficient online UPS is able to provide a clean and safe, almost perfect power supply to the load. 

During unavailability of power or in the case of power fluctuation online ups system protects the load. During a power outage or fluctuation, the equipment does not receive direct electricity from the AC outlet. At First, the UPS system filters the incoming AC power through a rectifier and immediately converts the AC power to DC power. After traveling through a battery and an inverter the DC current gets converted to AC output and gets delivered to the load. Through this process, an online UPS can easily protect the load and provides an unstoppable power supply to the equipment in case of any virtual power disturbance with the help of a double conversion module. It proves that the power that is coming from a double conversion UPS is far better than any other UPS system. It is a UPS system with power conditioning and with a practical power range of 5 to 5000 KVA.   

Reasons Why Online UPS systems are the Best

UPS system, especially an online UPS system is a key component for all those places where power outages or fluctuation isn’t acceptable at all, not even for a second including, hospitals, harsh industrial environments, data centers, etc. In these places there is a huge possibility of facing security problems, losing profit due to a single outage, or fluctuation. Besides these problems, it can be crucial for human lives also, because there are many critical patients admitted to hospitals who are just alive with life support, meaning they are totally dependent on the critical machinery of a hospital. It can be dangerous for the patients If the life support goes offline even for a second. So there are several places where one cannot afford to lose power. In one line, we can say that without a proper UPS system, it is almost impossible to continue the workflow fluently. An online UPS is a single unit where the user gets a constant voltage transformer, surge protection, stabilizer, etc. No matter what happens to the grid, the entire power which is coming out of the UPS is stabilized to a state, where there is no fluctuation of power. An online UPS system transfers the emergency backup power to the load without taking a millisecond when the main is unavailable and ensures the functionality of the entire work process as well as reduces the risk of losing data. 

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