The Best UPS System to Continue the Work Without being Uninterrupted

UPS is an uninterruptible power supply that provides an emergency power supply to avoid any kind of disturbance to the work during a power outage. It also keeps computers systems, data, and IT equipment safe and operational by providing the device battery backup during an outage. 
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Types of ups systems

There are three major types of UPS systems. 

1. Online UPS- An online UPS is a kind of uninterruptible power supply system that usually supplies power to the AC load through a rectifier and an inverter in the case of a power outage or power fluctuation. It provides power conditioning to the devices.

2. Standby UPS- A standby UPS is also known as offline UPS that switches into the battery power automatically after detecting the power outage. It is designed for non-official, small applications.

3. Line-interactive UPS- Line-interactive UPS can provide both battery backup and power conditioning to the load and regulate the voltage automatically.

What is an online UPS system used for? 

Online UPS can be used in servers, hospitals, etc. The server always should be online because of its important data. Online UPS keeps priceless data safe by providing a power supply. Similarly, in hospitals, it is very important to always turn on the devices. For that online UPS is the most reliable power source. It also does power conditioning. 

How online UPS works

Online UPS can be defined as the most intelligent UPS. In the case of online UPS, the device does not receive direct electricity from the AC outlet. At first, the main current supply reaches a rectifier through an EMI filter. Then it converts to DC from AC through a DC filter to charge the battery. Next, the output reaches the inverter. Then it gets converted to AC again through an AC filter and goes to the load through a static bypass switch.

Differences between three types of UPS systems

Where an offline UPS can provide a normal level of power protection, a line-interactive UPS can provide an intermediate level of power protection, at the same time an online UPS can be able to provide the ultimate power protection. During a power outage, an offline UPS takes 2 to 10 milliseconds to supply power to the device. In the case of line-interactive UPS, it takes 2 to 4 milliseconds, but an online UPS does not take any time to transfer the power to the load. The practical power range of offline UPS is 0 to 0. KVA, in the case of line-interactive UPS it is 0.5 to 5 KVA, and for online UPS it is 5 to 5000 KVA. 

One can usually use offline UPS systems in households, personal computers, EPABX, scanners, emergency power supplies, small offices, which have a small budget, and some areas which have very low requirements for power supply, etc. Line-interactive UPS systems can be used in homes, small businesses, departmental servers, medium enterprises, areas with unstable voltage. An online UPS is a default solution to provide backup power to the load. It protects critical pieces of equipment and servers in the case of unavailability of power. In the fields like banking, computers, transportation, medical, securities, online UPS can also be used.   

Benefits of using online UPS

Online UPS has an important method of voltage regulation which makes it more beneficial, is double-conversion operation. Because of this method, an online UPS can be able to save the server or the device from several problems such as overvoltages, electrical impulses, blackouts, brownouts, frequency variations, etc. Online UPS always stabilized the voltage quality by avoiding power fluctuations. By providing the highest level of protection against power irregularities it proves itself as an ideal electrical output. 

Online UPS is small and light in size and its practical power range is 5 to 5000 KVA. The voltage conditioning of it is very high. Online UPS can be used in those types of fields where power outage is not acceptable at all. So now one can easily say that online UPS is the best UPS among the 3 of them.

Where to find the best online UPS Malaysia?

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