Online UPS, a Voltage Transformer, Surge Protector, and Also a Human Lives Saver

Technology is not only our future; also it can decide our future. It is a major part of human lives when it comes to hospitals and modern-day healthcare providers. Health-care providers try their best to provide excellent services to their patients via modern technology-based medical equipment. But despite having this modern technological equipment, the hospital authority faces some bottlenecks due to power failure. Power unavailability in hospitals cannot be tolerable at all. There are several crucial patients in hospitals, which are dependable on critical medical equipment. In hospitals, there is always a thin line between death and life. Sometimes sudden power failure just erases the line and destroys the last hope of the patients. To save patients’ lives from a brief interruption of electricity, a hospital needs a reliable . Modern medical technology and hospital facilities rely on UPS systems to save lives.   

What is Online UPS System and How It Works?

UPS system stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply system. A UPS system is well known for its ability to provide smooth, uninterruptible backup power to the connected load within a second during power failure or fluctuation. 

An online UPS system, is a UPS type that provides the equipment with a clear power supply within 0.03 milliseconds when a power disturbance occurs. It uses an inverter to provide AC power during a power failure. A reliable UPS system keeps valuable data safe during the unavailability of main power. Online UPS is a component that is connected between the main power and load. It ensures the safety of the equipment during an event of a sudden power outage or fluctuation by providing a safe and almost perfect power supply to the equipment. There is no switching activity and no delay in switching between the main power and load in an online UPS. The output power supply of an online UPS system always stays on and it keeps charging the battery. It draws current from the battery to supply the load. During a power outage, the UPS system stops charging the battery and provides backup power to the load without even wasting a nanosecond. This specific UPS system is known as Online UPS because it stays ON in every situation, even during its normal operation.

Consequences of Power Failure in Hospitals

As mentioned before, people’s lives are connected to hospitals. In this situation, little ignorance may lead to death. Like other industries, critical operations cannot be compromised in hospitals not even for nanoseconds. There are numerous patients in the hospital whose lives are dependent on the proper operation of medical equipment which prolong indispensable functions. In hospitals, critical equipment such as ventilators and anesthesia machines require smooth backup power to save lives. And it is not only about patients, the entire medical staff may land to problems during unavailability or instability of power because they need to monitor patients’ conditions and maintains easy-flowing communication to continue the best work environment. 

Importance of Using Online UPS Systems in Hospitals

An Online battery backup system saves several lives by improving the reliability and efficiency of modern medical equipment. It integrates the function of a localized UPS system, which safeguards patients’ data, and also simplifies the operation across the hospital. Except it reduces the overall maintenance cost by eliminating the outdated units used in a generator.

Why Online UPS System is the Best?

Online UPS system is a key component for those places where power outage or fluctuation isn’t acceptable at all including, harsh industrial environments, data centers, etc. In these places there is a huge possibility of facing security problems, losing profit due to a single outage, or fluctuation. The online UPS is a single unit where a user can get a constant surge protector, voltage transformer, stabilizer, etc. The entire power that is coming out of the UPS is stabilized to a state, where there is no fluctuation of power. An online UPS system transfers the emergency backup power to the load without taking a millisecond when the main is unavailable and ensures the functionality of the entire work process as well as reduces the risk of losing data.  

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