Thor H+ Series

Commercial Type True Double Conversion Online UPS

  • True Online Double Conversion with DSP Control
  • DSP Technology Guarantees High Reliability
  • True Galvanic Isolation Transformer Design
  • Design to Withstand all kinds of Loads
  • Redundant Fan Design and Independant Ventilation to Enchance
    Operation under Harsh Environment
  • Output Power Factor 0.8
  • Intelligent Battery Management to Prolong Battery Lifecycle
  • Accepts Dual-Mains Input
  • Parallel Capability up to 4 units (Option)
  • Comes with Modbus RS-232/RS 485, Dry Contacts, SNMP Slots &
    Power Management Software

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Thor H+ 10KS

Thor H+ 15KS

Thor H+ 20KS

Thor H+ 30KS

Thor H+ 40KS

Thor H+ 60KS

Thor H+ 80KS

Thor H+ 100KS

Thor H+ 120KS

Thor H+ 160KS

Thor H+ 200KS