Protect Your Data Center With Double Conversion UPS

What is a Double conversion ups?

The On-Line, Double-Conversion UPS Systems are the most effective UPS that are required where the highest level of protection is the prime necessity irrespective of the expense of the UPS to protect the data centers, server rooms, and other network closets. However, despite the higher operating costs, releasing much more heat, and having poor efficiency, they are the preferred choice for the highest levels of protection and unaffected continuous power.

How does it work?

A double-conversion online UPS converts power two times. Firstly, the AC input, with all of its voltage spikes, distortion, and other oddities, is converted into DC. These UPSs use a capacitor to stabilize this DC voltage and stock energy drawn from the AC input. Secondly, DC is converted back into AC which is tightly restrained by the UPS. This AC output can even have a diverse frequency from the AC input. All the power delivered to the load equipment goes through this double-conversion process when AC input is present.

When AC input goes out of a defined range, the UPS pulls power from its battery so that the UPS output is not affected. In many double-conversion online designs, this transition inside the UPS between AC input and battery takes several milliseconds. Again, it is the capacitor in the “DC link” that provides stacked energy to the inverter during these transitions. So, even though there is a brief interruption in power going into the “DC link,” the UPS output voltage is unaffected and constant.

Why are these Double Conversion UPS systems best for perfect protection?

There are many reasons for choosing Double Conversion UPS systems, they are including:

1) Effective Isolation of the load –

The Online Continuous double-conversion UPS provides effective Isolation to the connected load from inadequate power and thus keeps the connected load safe and sound irrespective of the power generating the system.

2) Safe transfer in zero seconds –

In the continuous double-conversion process UPS, the DC to AC power conversion is a critical part of the regular operation. Therefore, the power transfer time between the surge and backup power restoration is exactly zero milliseconds. Thus, there is no threat of data loss or data corruption, whatever the case.

3) Perfect Voltage regulation

The double-conversion process provides flawless voltage regulation and continuously provides output within 2% of perfect voltage.

4) Dynamically intelligent –

Double-conversion UPS works on power management software and therefore allows the remote management of the entire system, including monitoring, operating, and rebooting of unresponsive gadgets from anywhere in the World, at any time.

5) No manual restart after the battery dies –

The double-conversion UPS is a battery-independent making system to keep operating even after the battery ceases to function. They are developed to pass through power after power restoration even if the battery has failed. This prevents restarting of the remotely installed systems manually at midnight (even if the battery dies).

6) Frequency conversion and regulation –

The double-conversion UPS provides a perfect frequency throughout the times, irrespective of the incoming frequency. The double-conversion guarantees a correct frequency by regulating or converting the frequency to the desired one and conserves the connected loads from being damaged.

7) Extended runtime by daisy-chaining –

The battery backup runtime can be expanded any time by adding external battery packs which allow the system to sustain lengthy power outages. As the extended battery packs support the daisy-chaining, the runtime can be easily extended to practically meet any serious requirement. And, above all these battery packs can be easily plugged in to prolong the run time.

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