Right Power offers complete range of Uninterruptible Power Supply ( UPS ) from Line Interactive, Online to Modular System and Automatic Voltage Regulator ( AVR ) which is suitable for desktop system to mission-critiacal facilities.

We value the importance of being user-friendly, reliable and affordable

Home and Home Office

Right Power offers affordable and reliable backup power protection solution systems for personal computer and peripherals. With a UPS your equipment will have a proper shutdown which helps to prolong its life saving your investment for unwanted repairs and damages in the event of power outage. AVR are also suitable for hoe appliance e.g. AV equipment’s.

Small and medium business

Computers and servers are most valuable assets in your business; therefore it is important to have a reliable UPS to protect all data and valuable information in storage.

Large Enterprise

Right Power Online Double-Conversion UPS provides total power protection solution for Hospital & Healthcare, Data Centre, Server Farm, Telecommunications, Security, Banking and Financial Institution.