Things You Should Know About SLA Batteries

One of the most popular types of batteries, as of today, is a sealed lead-acid or SLA battery. SLA batteries are maintenance-free batteries. And if you are into more modern terms, you will call an SLA battery a valve-regulated lead-acid battery or VRLA.

Regardless of how you want to call it, having a good understanding of what an SLA battery is will aid you get the most out of this power source.
What is an SLA Battery?

An SLA battery is a type of lead-acid battery whereby the battery does not provide access to the individual cell sections. In a regular lead-acid battery, each cell section has an opening.

These openings allow users to refill the cells with an electrolyte solution to sustain the chemical reaction required to produce a charge. You will not detect any kind of opening in an SLA battery.

Manufacturers of SLA batteries ensure that there is adequate electrolyte solution in the cells to last their service life. SLA batteries can come in various forms.

12V SLA Battery

A 12-volt battery is the quintessential car battery. A 12V battery is a pretty important component of modern transportation. Its key purpose in automotive applications is to start the engine.

A 12-volt battery also has other uses outside the world of transportation. Many people utilize this type of battery in different applications. This can vary from storing power produced by a solar system to implementing power to other electrical devices when an electric outlet is not available.

SLA Battery Size

Sealed lead-acid batteries or SLA batteries come in different sizes, depending on the manufacturer and the voltage rating of the unit. The dimensions of the 12V battery have a size of 5.28×2.36×2.64 inches.

It is crucial to check the size of the SLA battery that you want to purchase. Ensure that the size of the battery matches the compartment of the item you are going to use it in.

Sealed lead-acid (SLA) battery configurations

The changes to the battery typically require modification in one of the three basic areas:

• Changes to the electrode composition and geometry.
• Changes to the electrolyte solution.
• Changes to the battery housing or terminals to stop or decrease the release of produced hydrogen gas.

All types of vehicles- motorcycles, boats, ATVs, motorized wheelchairs.

Household appliances- house security systems, playthings, emergency lights.

Backup technology- UPS for medical equipment, data centers.

Heavy industry applications- water pumping, wind generation.

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