Battery Monitoring System – Usefulness And How It Works

The battery monitoring system is a device that is directly associated with lead-acid and nickel-cadmium battery systems. It keeps records and transfers battery performance data till the end of the battery life. Likewise, it analyzes and oversees battery parameters 24/7 procuring invaluable data every second and generating reports which help in protecting batteries. The monitoring and control functions are particularly assigned to individual cells, or group of cells called modules in the overall battery pack assembly.

BMS Battery Monitoring System monitors and adjusts internal operating parameters such as temperature, voltage, and current during the charging and discharging of the battery to boost battery safety and performance The BMS calculates the battery’s SoC (State of Charge) and SoH (State of Health).

The battery management system contains

The battery management system comprises cutoff FETs, a fuel gauge monitor, a cell voltage monitor, a cell voltage balance, a real-time clock (RTC), temperature monitors, and a state machine, to name a few functional blocks. Battery management integrated circuits are accessible in a range of forms and sizes. The functional components are organized in various ways, rambling from a simple analog front-end with balancing and monitoring that needs a microcontroller (MCU) to a self-contained, fully integrated system.

Why is a battery monitoring system important?

The battery monitoring system is essential to any industry that depends on batteries to provide backup power. The usage of battery monitoring will eliminate the risk of system failure.

Some of the reasons behind using critical battery monitoring are as follows:

  • Monitoring helps in averting costly downtime and protects the business from loss.
  • It improves the lifespan of the battery.
  • It reduces the maintenance replacement cost.
  • It saves time as the battery data will be remotely available and can be monitored, thus enabling potential faults at the cell level and battery level.
  • Informed decisions can be taken using the data developed by the battery monitoring system.
  • It helps to retain security.

In summary, in an environment where the frequency of power disruptions is high, and backup is very much important to run the industry, to be in a safe zone a reliable backup battery system is a must.

How do battery management systems work?

The complexity of the electronic components on board determines how well a battery management system works.

Battery management systems do not have a fixed or unique set of criteria that must be accepted. The technology design scope and implemented features generally associate with:

  • The costs, intricacy, and size of the battery pack
  • Application of the battery and any safety, lifespan, and warranty doubts
  • Certification requirements from various government regulations where costs and penalties are essential if inadequate functional safety measures are in place

There are numerous BMS design features, with battery pack protection management and capacity management existing as two essential features. Battery monitoring systems have two key areas: electrical protection, which implies not qualifying the battery to be damaged via usage outside its SOA, and thermal protection, which involves passive or active temperature control to maintain the pack into its SOA.

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