How To Choose A Perfect Uninterruptible Power Supply According To Your Need

A UPS uninterruptible power supply is an enhanced battery system that will self-activate in the occurrence of power disruption and function as the primary power source until electronic devices connected to it can safely be shut down or an emergency generator takes over.

The objective of a UPS is to maintain power levels consistently and prevent instabilities that could harm digital or mechanical equipment. All types of UPS systems are designed so, but there are different design types to provide different levels of protection. The size and capabilities of a UPS system depend on the protected equipment volume, which can range from a single desktop to a large data center, building complex, or city.

Parameters to choose an efficient UPS

  • How much power does your equipment require?

When planning to purchase a UPS, the most important considerations are the total electrical load and the runtime you are needing after the power cut. At a very limited demand, the UPS must be capable of supplying enough power to keep your essential electrical equipment running long enough for you to save important work and to safely shut down your system.

  • What kind of system are you running?

A simple way to think about obtaining the proper UPS unit is the utility. An Uninterruptible Power Supply unit would, at a minimum even with a very small unit, contribute the window some more time, where your computer could be gracefully shut down or sent into hibernation mode and brought back online once the power outage or other power situation is resolved. Once you have calculated your load, count the number of power cords you want to connect to the UPS, you can choose a UPS system that has enough outlets and battery power to cover the number of power cords.

  • What type of UPS fits your budget

So far we’ve identified where we need UPS units and how to calculate how large of a UPS unit we need. In addition to those two factors, it’s essential to understand how the major UPS technologies on the market differ from each other and why different 1000 VA-rated units might have a price difference. Here are the three main types of UPS units and their costing:


The offline UPS system restores power when normal power fails by using a DC/AC inverter output that is usually no longer than 25 milliseconds. This UPS only provides battery backup and doesn’t maintain perfect power during sags and surges. This type of UPS is best suited for backing low-powered devices, such as small office workstations and personal hollow-powers. It is the least expensive design known as Offline/Standby UPS. If the UPS unit you’re looking at not mentioned what type of unit it is, then it’s most likely a Standby UPS.


It has a similar design to a Standby UPS unit but includes a special transformer, which ensures power for five to 30 minutes and up to several hours with expansion, by using a multi-tap, variable-voltage autotransformer, which immediately adds or subtracts the transformer’s output voltage. Line interactive UPS can provide good protection against power fluctuations, as well as battery backup. The special transformer makes Line-Interactive UPS units better at handling brownouts and power sags. If you live in an area that has frequent brownouts or line-voltage issues like the lights frequently dim but you don’t lose power, it’s definitely worth the little increase in cost to purchase a Line-Interactive UPS.

Double-Conversion or Online UPS:

This is similar to line-interactive, the only difference is that it is included a rectifier that directly drives a DC/AC inverter, even when it is powered by a torrent. This type of UPS safeguards critical loads from virtualizer disturbances and is the common UPS used for protecting large data centers and other vast and critical equipment.

An Online Uninterruptible Power Supply unit is the most expensive type of UPS unit, as it required significant extra circuitry.

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