Types of Sealed Lead Acid Batteries That Are Changing The World

The SLA battery uses a lead-acid or lead-calcium electrolyte in a dry or jelly-like condition which prevents it from leaking, making it securer for many applications. While many small electronics manufacturers have shifted to lithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries continue to play a major role in our daily lives. More importantly, the technology operating the lead acid batteries has continued to evolve and enhance its usefulness over time to make these batteries more functional and easier to maintain.

The SLA battery is formulated using lead dioxide and lead plates for the positive and negative terminals of each cell. When the battery is discharged, the electrolyte reacts with the plates, and the lead acid turns into lead sulphate and water. The contrasting process occurs when the battery is charged, turning the electrolyte back into lead acid.

The SLA battery enhances the classic flooded batteries by being leakproof and more flexible for different positions. Best of all, it rarely requires maintenance. There are many SLA battery sizes, voltages, and amperages varying on their internal design. Depending on the specifications and type of sealed lead-acid battery, you may use it for various applications, before you must properly choose the right sealed battery type according to your needs.

SLA Battery Types

Each application might demand a different type of battery. To know how an SLA battery works for your needs, we should first learn about the different rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery types. Choosing the right battery will ensure you have a steady power source with an extended life span. Here are the four VRLA rechargeable battery categories.

High-Rate UPS VRLA Battery

To ensure backup power for emergency electronics devices, you might require a high-rate UPS AGM SLA battery. These batteries are convenient for medical equipment, residential and commercial backup energy systems, data centres, and many others. Residential and industrial UPS devices use a 6V SLA battery or a 12V SLA battery, based on the design and power required.

General-Purpose Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid Battery

One of the most versatile options is the all-purpose VRLA rechargeable battery. These batteries have a stable voltage, provide a medium-high amperage, and have good cycling operations. General-purpose batteries are ideal for most electronic devices, riding toys, security systems, emergency lighting, and more. Depending on the application, you might need a 12V or 6V SLA battery.

Gel-Sealed Battery

The Gel SLA battery is a little different from the SLA AGM battery since the electrolyte is held within a silica gel rather than an absorbent glass mat. The gel valve-regulated lead acid battery makes better use of the acid within the electrolyte, improving the cycle and making them suitable for marine applications, scooters, water-pumping systems, and solar generation systems.

Deep-Cycle Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries

Deep-cycle batteries are used for applications demanding a higher discharge depth for longer periods. The deep-cycle SLA AGM battery equips a longer life span of up to 500 full cycles at a 50–70% depth of discharge (DOD), depending on the design. A deep-cycle 12V SLA battery is usually perfectly suited for motorizing RVs, boat trolling motors, wheelchairs, and many others.

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