Choose the Most Reliable UPS Battery as Per Your Choice and Recommendation

In this technological era, the usage of electricity has increased drastically which leads to an extreme rise in demand. Sometimes the demand reaches the ability to supply electricity and cause power outage and glitches. A sudden outage may lead to breaking in the workflow, loss, or unsaved data. The situation gets worst when it happens in hospitals because lots of crucial medical equipment is powered with the help of electricity. A sudden drop in power can create a huge nuisance on medical platforms. Not only has that electricity also powered our security infrastructures. In this situation, the uninterruptible power supply system comes as a savior during power outages. During an event of a power outage, a UPS system converts power from the main power source to the backup to continue the flow of electricity and ensure the fluency of work. And a reliable UPS system relies on a UPS battery which is a secondary power system to get the ultimate power for the UPS system. 

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Purpose of a UPS Battery

An authentic UPS battery always confirms the Continuity of work by ensuring that there is no gap in power. It is actually a surrogate source of power that allows the UPS system to provide smooth power during power outages. An unstable power supply may keep a negative impact on electric equipment. Sometimes it may damage critical electric appliances. A reliable UPS battery is specially designed for these situations; it not only helps the UPS system to provide backup power during outages but is also sensitive to power fluctuations. 

Types of UPS Battery

The followings are the types of UPS batteries:

  • Open Vented Batteries- Open vented batteries are a type of electrolyte flooded batteries with a long design life of up to 20 years. These batteries are necessary for large installations that need a high Ah rating. Though a VRLA battery has a long lifespan but is not being sealed it still has a huge risk of hydrogen leakage in the environment. Open vented batteries need a more powerful ventilation system to maintain the place’s safety. It should be placed in a room where wash-down facilities are available. These batteries are not suitable for data centers and normal office environments.    
  • Nickel-Cadmium Batteries- These types of UPS batteries are generally used in telecom installations and locations that have very high ambient temperatures because these types of battery electrodes are made up of cadmium hydroxide on the negative plate. On the positive plate, it has nickel hydroxide. Nickel-Cadmium batteries are available with 20 years of lifespan and a high cycle life with tolerance to deep discharges. 
  • Lithium-Ion Batteries- Lithium-Ion batteries provide instant backup power with their long-term battery backup solution and ensure the equipment’s functionality. A lithium-Ion battery s a rechargeable battery that offers a similar lifetime to the UPS system. It has a lifespan of 9 to 10 years with high energy density. It is an advanced battery technology that is made of critical minerals including graphite, cobalt, and lithium, and gets charged and discharged by lithium-ion. In this battery technology, lithium-ions usually move between positive and negative electrodes through electrolytes.   

Ways to Maintain a UPS Battery

The main condition to get an excellent service from a UPS battery is proper inspection.

  • Proper testing and maintenance are necessary for all types of batteries.
  • The user needs to repair, clean, and replace the battery as required.
  • Use the same brand and type of battery while replacing it. 
  • A battery requires maintenance including recording humidity, temperature, and voltage reading to function properly

Reasons for Using UPS Battery

Nowadays, when power outages have become a common but ubiquitous problem it is necessary to have a permanent solution. Power problems occur due to several issues including thunderstorms, power grid overload, etc. It not only creates disturbances in the workflow but also damages the equipment. It is better to take precautions to avoid these types of nuisances. It’s salient to be knowledgeable about the quality and consistency of power supply because it is not always as accurate as perfect. Disturbance in the power supply may harm critical hardware components. A sophisticated UPS battery protects critical data by allowing the UPS system to prevent the equipment from shutting off during sudden disturbances in power. 

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