UPS Battery Replacement  And Maintenance To Prevent Downtime

Batteries are the most critical elements of UPS performance. Battery failure is the number one cause of UPS load failure and system downtime during a power outage or similar interruption. Preventing battery failure is key to ensuring your systems stay running. We are specialists in UPS battery maintenance. We analyze the interaction between batteries and UPS systems to provide facilities with multiple UPS battery replacement and maintenance solutions in two crucial areas- battery testing and battery replacement. Don’t let a battery malfunction cause an outage. 

Battery failure is the number one cause of UPS downtime

RightPower is keenly aware of the significance of batteries in power systems and applications. Through our extensive UPS battery testing and maintenance services, we help to extend the service life of batteries. As all batteries age, they have a limited capacity. This diminished power supply means the battery is not as stable, which can have significant effects on the power application. Methodical testing classifies batteries that are no longer capable of charging or storing a charge and allows for timely UPS battery replacement. According to industry data obtained in the field, nearly three-quarters of all remedial service work is caused by battery obstacles. Batteries that test at a level of 80% or less must be replaced to optimize the performance of the USP system. Unfortunately, several businesses find out too late that just one problematic battery can cause significant power problems on critical and sensitive equipment. To prevent this issue, routine battery testing and maintenance services are highly recommended for all UPS battery backup systems! RightPower technology provides a range of battery maintenance and UPS battery testing solutions. Our battery service programs assure your business will have- 

New batteries as required
The right type, size, and option in batteries for the system
A cost-saving resolution for your business
Environmentally-friendly battery recycling services if there is a requirement for UPS battery replacement

What is battery testing?

The skilled and experienced field engineers at RightPower take the time to complete comprehensive battery testing as required throughout UPS battery backup systems. This testing will include-

Tighten the UPS connections to the battery post

Voltage testing and measurement of the battery to generate a report provided to our client

Analysis of any change in internal resistance in the battery that can track a drop in performance as the battery ages

Measure, record, and report to you your battery system’s internal resistance, a method to track battery degradation

Measure any rise in the temperature of the battery that indicates potential battery failure

Why is battery testing important? 

In most systems, the UPS system is made up of various batteries. Failure of any one of the batteries can affect performance when the system is required. With RightPower routine battery maintenance and UPS battery testing assistance, failing batteries can be identified and fixed or replaced, ensuring your system is completely operational when and if needed. 

Battery testing

In conjunction with our UPS maintenance service, our battery capacity testing services guarantee the authenticity, safety, and integrity of your UPS system. 

Battery replacement

Managing UPS battery replacement plans is a complex endeavor. We understand that every manufacturer needs different battery performance and specifications, and we manage every step of the process, from selection and installation to removal and recycling. 

The consequences of a battery malfunction

Businesses install UPS systems to protect devices, maintain crucial data systems and operations, as well as to retain a business operating in the case of a power outage. When batteries fail in the system, the building can be put at risk, important data lost, and the business reputation may be on the line. To prevent this, our technicians may suggest UPS battery replacement. 

Most of the loss that causes battery malfunction is undetectable to the eye. By testing to monitor for internal degradation and performance issues of the battery, this invisible damage to the UPS battery backup can be identified and addressed. The most typical causes of battery degradation driving battery failure are sulfating, corrosion, and drying out of the battery cells. 

When to test batteries?

Battery testing programs vary based on the particular system and the critical nature of constant power to the industry. We work with our clients to provide a testing program to their system. 

RightPower technology works with companies of all sizes across all industries including-

Financial organizations and services where electronic data and documents are critical

Data centers and other IT industry companies

Hotels, casinos, entertainment venues

Luxury retailers or stores needing electronic monitoring and security systems

Medical and healthcare facilities where electronic patient records and vital data is maintained

RightPower technology is compliant with UPS battery replacement services and records the removal process. Right Power Technology now has the superior distinction of being a significant player in the industry, education, and commercial fields. To know more about us, visit our official website.