An Uninterruptible Power Supply Is A Basic Need In Modern Life With Its Significant Features

UPS is an acronym for Uninterruptible Power Supply, it is an electronic device that is employed to supply power to other devices such as a computer, telecommunication equipment, etc. in case of a power outage.

The rectifier present in the UPS converts the AC power into DC, then the battery stocks the DC power. This process goes on when the AC power is on. When there is a power outage, the inverter converts the DC power into AC which is demanded the functioning of the device.

Domestic electronic devices such as fans, refrigerators, and washing machines, often rely on AC mains for running. The effect of a power outage at any point in time might be insignificant, for such devices, but for computer systems, communication equipment, and medical equipment, the effect of an instantaneous power cut is very crucial.

Importance of Uninterruptible power supply

Suppose we are working on our computer system for a long time and we have a lot of unsaved work, in case of a sudden instantaneous power cut, all the data will be lost. This can create a big problem for us if we do not allow even the slightest thought to such problems. Fortunately, we have UPS uninterruptible Power Supply now. It will provide power to the device when external energy is not available. It can help us easily save our work and properly shut down the system.

All our devices depend on AC main power to process the inputs. But the AC mains may occasionally fail due to an error in the circuit or short circuit of any network component. And after some time when the power is back, it may have a slight variation in output voltage.

This leads to surges in the voltage and current, and these distortions in the input voltage may direct the deterioration of the device. Electronic devices require a steady supply until it gets switched off.

UPS (Uninterruptible power supply) plays a crucial role in supplying constant power. The runtime of the UPS depends on the capability of the battery it uses.

Significant features of UPS

When you go to purchase a UPS backup system, you may notice some of the items listed as added features. Here is a breakdown of what each of these features is:

Communication Ports  

Most Uninterruptible Power Supply systems have built-in USB, serial, and contact closure communication ports. These enable power management, additional surge protection to connected peripherals, and automatic unattended shutdown; systems will power off when not in use for a certain period of time.

User-Replaceable Batteries

Most UPS models stimulate a removable panel for internal battery replacement.  This could be a great feature that offers replaceable battery cartridges. This enables us to replace the entire UPS, and just get a new battery pack.

Energy-Saving Models

Select Eco-Friendly UPS models that decrease energy consumption and associated costs.

Lithium Batteries

Select UPS systems to have lithium iron phosphate (LiFeP04) batteries. Differed from lead-acid batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries offer longer life, more cycles, and faster charging to 100% capacity.

Muted Alarm

Audible Alarms specify various UPS functions.  Select UPS systems have audible alarms muted at the factory for use in speechless environments. However, if sound levels are not a factor then the unmuted alarm could be a good thing to be aware of the UPS condition.

Multifunction LCD Control Panel

An LCD screen may enable access to the advanced features of the UPS system without a computer. It can show helpful information like input voltage or battery capacity. The LCD commonly has a backlight, make sure you can dim the backlight to minimize distractions in darkened settings.

Cooling Fan

More power that is flowing through the UPS will create more heat to build up, which could shorten the life of the UPS. It could fail, or even cause harm to the systems. Larger Uninterruptible Power Supply systems generally have built-in cooling fans, These fans help to keep the UPS cool and running optimally.

Remote Power Management  

Network management cards turn any network/server UPS delivery in Malaysia equipped with a network card slot into a managed device on the network. Which can remotely monitor energy usage and reboot unresponsive equipment from any place. The optional network card allows comprehensive management via SNMP, Web, SSH, or telnet which supports one or more optional sensors for remote temperature, humidity, and contact closure monitoring.

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