Various Benefits Of Data Center Cooling Systems

Data centers use a lot of power, which then translates into heat. The more equipment that’s packed into a facility, the greater the heat generated. The term data center cooling system refers to the collective equipment, tools, systems, techniques and processes that ensure ideal temperatures and humidity levels within a data center facility.Proper data center cooling ensures an entire facility is supplied with enough cooling, ventilation and humidity control to keep all equipment within desired temperature ranges.

High temperatures and humidity levels are undesirable conditions for IT and electrical equipment. Most IT devices and equipment produce heat and need to get rid of it quickly so their performance isn’t affected. Excess heat and humidity can damage devices and equipment, causing them to malfunction and stop working. Damaged equipment can lead to the risk of fire and other safety issues. These risks increase operational costs as equipment must be repaired or replaced more frequently.

Various Benefits of data center cooling

  • Greater efficiency in the data center

Data does not travel faster in cooler server rooms, but it travels a lot faster than if it was trying to travel over a crashed server!

Because data centers can quickly develop hot spots (regardless of whether the data center manager has intended a cold aisle set up or a hot aisle on), creating new solutions to cooling needs to be efficient and easily done on the fly.

This means only using liquid cooling technologies that are easily adaptable or air-cooling systems that can easily change the way cold air is used. Overall, this allows for greater efficiency when scaling up a data center.

  • Ensured server uptime

Proper data center cooling technologies allow servers to stay online for longer. Overheating can be disastrous in a professional environment that requires over 99.99% uptime, so any failure at the server level will have knock-on effects for your business and your customers.

  • Longer lifespan of your technology

Computers that constantly overheat at going to fail before they reach their expected end of life (EOL). For that reason, the expense of cooling systems in a data center quickly starts to pay for itself.

Introducing data center cooling technologies allows for a piece of hardware to survive longer and for a business to spend less on replacing infrastructure. Companies should be moving towards greener IT solutions, not actively creating industrial waste.

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