Why Modular UPS Is Best For Your Business Applications

For most advanced business industries, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems have become crucial rather than optional. However, while needing better protection than ever from their UPSs, users face unusual constraints on their budgets as well as pressure to ‘go green’. Luckily, advancements in semiconductor technology have ushered in modular UPS. This allows users to achieve the power protection they require more efficiently and cost-effectively than previously possible. For your company’s data center or any critical situation, experiencing a loss of power can be disastrous. You lose valuable data, advances, and waste time. Of course, there are other options for managing power outages so that you don’t lose data or waste valuable time. But why is a modular UPS system the best fit for your business applications?

What benefits does a modular UPS system offer?

Modular UPS solutions allow organizations to easily, and cost-effectively, improve their UPS power, improve availability, and experience the long‐term benefits of scalable UPS solutions that can grow in sensible incremental steps as the organization develops.


A modular UPS is designed to be adjustable when more redundancy is needed.

Reduction of failure throughout the maintenance

With a modular UPS system, the defective module is easily removed and replaced with a new system during failure or overload. This action can take literally seconds as the damaged module will be removed and replaced throughout live conditions so there is no loss of UPS backup.

What makes the modular UPS system so unique?

Sizeable, inefficient, are being replaced by small, power-packed modular systems. A modular UPS is made up of many individual power modules, all paralleled together to produce the required power and redundancy. This makes sure the UPS system isn’t oversized at initial installation, so minimizes energy waste. The modular principle means data centers can efficiently scale-up when needed, just by adding extra modules. And because each module and battery is hot-swappable, UPS maintenance is simple and doesn’t require the system to go offline.

In most cases, extra modules can be installed in just a few minutes and can even be fitted by the facilities, IT, or Data Centre maintenance team, reducing engineering expenses and implementation time.

If a power module fails, the redundant module takes over and you simply replace the damaged module without downtime or a loss of UPS backup. If a battery module fails the only consequence is a small reduction in the backup time available until the damaged module is replaced with a new one.

In addition to diminished operating expenses, the modular approach offers a smaller step, greater flexibility, easier manageability, greater availability, and scalability during its operational life. A modular UPS system will provide an ideal solution based on many parameters, however, price and functionality nearly always come into play. If you require a UPS system please reach our experts to assist you to choose the right solution for you.

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