Important Things To Consider While Buying An Online UPS System

In this fast-paced generation, technology has evolved the way we live and work. We want everything to be available at the simple touch of a button and the latest inventions and smart devices have benefited us to achieve that to a specific point. But this has also made us extremely dependable on machines and gadgets. These devices require an uninterrupted electrical supply for their smooth and effective functioning. Sadly, the demand and supply ratio of the power supply is not balanced. Power cuts and fluctuations are part of our day-to-day lives. Devices sensitive to power fluctuations may get damaged and also the data can be lost in some cases. In such incidents UPS’ role is essential. It operates as a voltage stabilizer and regulates power flow into the devices by managing power fluctuations and ensuring a constant power supply. UPS is a necessity for home PC, office computers, large servers, etc and one needs to be assured that you get the best. Purchasing an online UPS system is a good choice as it saves time.

Online UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is a static UPS, which is designed such that under normal operating requirements, the main power flow is through the battery-inverter circuit rather than the mains supply. Therefore, the main power source is the online UPS and the service is the backup. In simple words, throughout the normal operation, the load is constantly supplied from the PQ device while the mains supply charges the bank of batteries. When there is an interference, the battery charging is halted and the stored energy in the battery will provide power to the inverter. This is exactly the opposite of a standby type, where the main source is the utility and the UPS as the alternative. The online UPS is commonly known as the “true” UPS. It is also identified as a voltage and frequency independent (VFI) system.

Certain things need to be considered while buying online UPS

UPS are available in an extensive range of battery capacity. Choose a UPS that is compatible with your device needs.

Make sure that the UPS power rating is suitable for your equipment. For example, a home PC requires a UPS of 500-700VA while the large servers will require high VA rating UPS. Furthermore, remember your machine back-up time needs.

Always check whether your UPS comes with a warranty period. The longer the warranty period, the better it is.

Nowadays, UPS are available with so many added features. Compare the various designs, their specialties, prices, etc. Don’t overlook to check for the Automatic Switch Regulation feature.

UPS comes with a rechargeable and replaceable battery. A good UPS shouldn’t cause any trouble for a minimum of 3 years.

It should always be grounded to avoid mishaps and should never be overloaded.

Online UPS system is the most suitable type for data centers/servers and other essential computer applications, as it is independent of variations in both the supply frequency and voltage. Hence, it is usually used for crucial and large appliances. Also, it is designed to be strong as its components are always active in contrast to the standby type that only produces output during a power breakdown. Moreover, online UPS is the most common system because it is the only true provider of power without any interruption. 

Types of online UPS

Double conversion online UPS

The double-conversion online UPS is the most common model. First, it uses a rectifier to convert AC power to DC to charge the batteries and maintain the inverter. Second, it uses the inverter to convert the DC power back to AC to stimulate the critical and sensitive loads, therefore, the name double conversion.

Delta conversion online UPS

The delta conversion online UPS is an advanced patented design. It reduces the primary weakness of the double conversion type, low performance. The delta conversion online UPS design works similarly to the double conversion including the inverter always ON to power the severe load during normal conditions and with the battery providing the inverter throughout an interruption. However, the main difference is that the delta conversion online UPS does not need two conversions of the entire power flow, therefore, improving its performance.

Benefits of online UPS

The online UPS, apart from providing ride-through for power interruptions, can provide very high isolation of the crucial and sensitive electronic loads from all power line troubles. Another important benefit of the online UPS is the fact that there is no transfer or changing time delay involved throughout an interruption. Therefore, the momentary break in power, which is the vulnerability of the offline UPS, is diminished. The process can be compared to a charged laptop. The laptop is powered by the charger by its batteries. When the AC supply is out, the laptop remains to work because of the saved energy in the batteries.

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