Signs It Is Time For A UPS Battery Replacement

Most UPS systems depend on batteries as they are the main source of power. UPS units are the type of devices that most people forget about until there’s a power disruption. It plays a crucial role in protecting your major electronic devices during a power outage. So it is important to ensure that you always have UPS battery in excellent working condition. These devices are often forgotten as they have long lifespans and are generally stored at the bottom of the tech rack. However, if neglected, these devices can be the Achilles Heel in your disaster prevention systems and redundancy planning. Here, we will wrap up a few of the warning signs, as well as ways to establish the need for a replacement.

1. Purchased a long time back

While a UPS unit’s lifecycle can extend to 10+ years, the life cycle of many batteries is 3 to 5 years. It is best to consider a battery replacement in the 3-to-5-year range depending on the critical character of the systems that the UPS is supporting.

2. Notice the chassis bulging or other chassis damage

As older lead-acid batteries age, they can tend to bulge over time which can deform the chassis. Anytime you discover leaking, or discoloration caused by heat or acid, you should immediately replace the batteries from that unit. If not noticed, the acid leakage could engulf other essential systems or in a worst-case scenario, the battery could explode and combust causing potentially fatal results.

3. Systems go offline during a power outage

If the power goes out suddenly and the UPS system ceases to function or to keep your systems online, the UPS battery should be inspected and replaced. This assumes the devices that went offline were correctly plugged into the UPS or PDU attached to the UPS. Ideally, this would never happen if you are using a routine preventative maintenance program to monitor UPS health.

4. Batteries Act Strangely Or Give Bad Voltage Readings

During your maintenance cycles and testing whether your battery is ready to combat any disaster, if the UPS renders inconsistent voltage readings or functions in unexpected ways, be sure to verify the battery is not the culprit. Battery testing will result in impedance or resistance readings in addition to voltage readings when tested by a technician. Most UPS systems will not self-test for impedance and resistance so make sure to include this in your testing cycles.

5. Preventative maintenance visits have been skipped

If you haven’t been performing routine preventative maintenance on the units, this can be a potential sign that it’s time to replace your UPS battery. Be sure to test those units as soon as you’re able to verify they are performing as you expect. Routine maintenance can stave off a host of potential issues and assure that your UPS will be there to protect your equipment when it is needed the most.

6. Early discharge

If your UPS batteries are taking longer to charge, and are self-discharging earlier than usual, it is an indisputable sign that the battery’s life is nearly coming to an end.

7. When the battery begins shorting its rated capacity

When your battery system can no longer supply at least 80 percent of its rated capacity in ampere-hours, it is a definite indicator that your battery needs to be substituted. Normally, when the battery reaches this percentage, the aging process accelerates rapidly, ending the life cycle of the battery.

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