Get The Best Cooling Racks With UPS Containtment System For Your Electronic Devices

Commercial businesses, industrial sites, and data centers are increasingly dependent on their onsite backup power generation or a UPS system. All uninterruptible power supply (UPS) batteries have a rated capacity that is defined based on specified conditions. Keeping UPS batteries at a relaxed temperature is essential to maximizing UPS life span and capabilities. In most cases, a pair of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and generators provide the means for obtaining reliable backup power. UPS system and the battery will continue to operate at differing temperatures which are likely to impact the performance of the system. Replacing old legacy equipment with the latest UPS or data center cooling products and a good UPS containtment system can boost performance, and longevity with less operating costs.

Why a UPS system needs cooling?

UPS systems often complain of overheating problems. Designing adequate cooling for the UPS room will secure the dependability of the uninterruptible power supply equipment itself. If the air conditioning is functioning inefficiently, it will not produce an abundant volume of chilled air and will lead to the UPS system overheating.

The rated potentiality of UPS batteries is based on an ambient temperature of 20°C or 25°C. Utilizing an uninterruptible power supply under these conditions will maximize the life of the UPS battery and result in optimal performance. A running temperature of 20°C is accurate to achieve the expected service life.

In most cases, a UPS system is designed for use in the stated temperature environment, so internal components near their temperature limits could surpass their maximum temperature ratings. This could result in the UPS solution having a reduced dependability and life span, or an outright failure.

An Overheated UPS system is typically noticeable during hot summer days. All that you need to ensure is that you have enough air conditioning units and that they are all maintained regularly to provide the exact amount of cooling for the designated UPS installation.

Not in every organization, there is a separate room for the power backup system. However, with larger industrial uninterruptible power supply solutions it should be worth considering a separate battery room to allow the UPS batteries to be kept at the optimal temperature while entitling the UPS room to have wider temperature tolerances.

Important features

Right Power’s all-in-one rack cooling system is integrated with an air conditioner, UPS system, battery, PDU, and real-time monitoring software. The server rack is a 42U mounting height and can be used to store servers, UPS, battery packs, and IT servers. The controller is an LCD touch screen, and the parameters are set through the interface options. The display screen is there for displaying the UPS status, air conditioning status, microenvironment, smart PDU, data history, system configuration, and alarm history. All control and alarm settings in the system can be programmed. The cooling system intelligently adjusts its cooling capacity from 900W to 3500W using a DC inverter-equipped air conditioner for high-efficiency cooling operation.

Right Power’s all-in-one cooling rack provides adaptability, flexibility, and cost-effective solutions that your specific data center demands. It is suitable to be used in indoor environments such as computer rooms or data centers.

Many of the new UPS and data center cooling products are incorporated with the reduced operating system costs of a new highly efficient UPS or Cooling system to create a strong economic case for replacing old equipment.

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