How Is Industrial Ups System Different From Commercial Ups?

The first condition you want to consider when looking to purchase an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system is, How critical is your application? Selecting the right Uninterrupted Power Supply systems to ensure the safety, continuity, and security of operations in severe environments is a big challenge. It focuses on the needs of electrical proficients and the concerns that are involved in the decision-making and investment procedure. According to different application fields, Uninterruptible power supply UPS can be branched out into two categories: Industrial grade ups and Commercial ups.

Industrial grade UPS

Industrial UPS power system commonly refers to the uninterruptible power supply used as key equipment in the power, petrochemical, metallurgical and other heavy industries. It mostly utilizes phase-controlled rectification and high-frequency inverter technology.

Commercial UPS

Commercial UPS on the other hand is used in data centres or computer terminals in insurance, financial and other industries. Most of them use high-frequency rectification and high-frequency inverter technology, where the mains, bypass, DC, and output are not secluded.


Industrial UPS power system are designed to work at a more rigorous level than commercial systems and their performance is tested also. In industrial environments, the interruption of AC power may cause dangerous chemical process fluctuation or cause extensive damage to processing systems. In these atmospheres, there is usually a higher ambient temperature and more contamination in the air, so systems are built to endure extreme temperatures and moderate amounts of non-conductive dust.

Commercial-grade UPS power supplies generally do not contain special designs for dust prevention, and also parts and components do not have a “three-proof” treatment. There may be certain conditions such as dust, high and low temperature, high altitude, humidity, salt spray, acid mist, bad power grid, harmful load, harmful electromagnetic interference, etc.

Power supply

Industrial-grade UPS power supplies are constructed using an older project system, and the cabinet colour, cabinet size, communication protocol, contact signal, transmission volume, etc. are customized according to the different needs of each user.

Commercial UPS power supplies are generally mass-produced and on a large scale, and the cabinet colour, cabinet size, communication protocol, contact signal, transmission volume, etc. cannot be customized according to the different needs of users.


Industrial UPS power system are more durable when compared with conventional UPS systems and the overall life span is more than that of the Conventional UPS. The Industrial UPS System can influence as an asset for a longer period as technology inclines to turn over at a slower rate with industrial components.

In comparison, Conventional UPS is intended to provide backup as opposed to dedicated power, and the system, therefore, is less able to function for a long time. Thus, we come to know that the Industrial UPS system has more durability than the Conventional UPS.

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