Reasons to call in the UPS battery replacement experts

Be it a personal situation or a professional, having a backup is always a great option in many aspects. And when there is a lot depends on something, there should be no compromise on this section. In general, people install small capacity inverters to manage power cuts but things vary considerably when it comes to business systems due to their excessive power requirements. If you have an uninterruptible power supply or UPS as part of your crucial IT infrastructure you are already planning for something unexpected. The role of a UPS system is to reduce the risk of irregular interruptions to your load. So to maintain maximum uptime, you must plan and carry out UPS battery replacements at periodic intervals. When carried out accurately, the UPS battery replacement is a secure and effective method. There are, though, notable risks associated with UPS battery replacement of which it is crucial to be aware-

The load may terminate to be protected by the UPS. Defective cabling can cause an inverter/rectifier breakdown

The possibility of a defect can be increased by electrolyte leakage associated with the inaccurate handling of the battery

Serious damage to personnel can happen where there is spillage of electrolyte in the fields surrounding the UPS and battery installation. Furthermore, not using the right PPE can further result in serious damage to the on-site

Prosecution- not disposing of batteries according to strict guidelines may result in legal proceedings being brought against the offending party by the local or central government, which in turn may lead to heavy financial fines 

Experts in the integration of batteries within UPS devices and UPS battery replacement safety procedures, At RightPower, our team of industry experts has a superior understanding of the way that batteries work within the total system! Our technicians take a comprehensive view of the system and its environment, including the variables of each particular working site, which means your system is optimized for your requirements. 

Replacement can be carried out in parallel with preventative maintenance calls and the replacement of other consumable parts such as capacitors 

Battery charger settings will be examined and recalibrated 

Fully protected battery discharge test controlled directly by UPS

Examination of the reliability of mainstream battery

Advice in optimization of the battery backup time depending upon the current capacity and environmental conditions on site

Why you should replace your UPS batteries?

We understand that the UPS battery won’t remain permanently, so it’s essential to monitor the condition of the batteries as part of a routine maintenance procedure. Regular servicing allows the service engineer to make impedance tests on each battery, which helps to predict when the UPS batteries will require to be replaced and allows for scheduled replacement without any unexpected loss of power. Our engineers are trained and qualified to carry out UPS battery replacements in all makes and types of UPS. Works can be carried out throughout or outside regular working hours with no interruption to the connected load and we will also examine the removal and certified disposal of the old batteries. 

An old or poorly maintained battery set could affect the autonomy time of your uninterruptible power supply and result in a massive problem. A key advantage of regular UPS battery maintenance is the early detection of weak battery blocks. As they are such a crucial part of a power protection system, replacement of weak battery blocks should, consequently, take place before they fail. 

An operating computer may encounter serious data loss or hardware failure due to unexpected power failure and the only way to stop this is to install a UPS system. And in the case of a large size industry, this becomes more serious and reliable. For UPS power installation, you should watch for a professional and skilled service provider who will truly understand your power requirement and install the most suitable UPS system to ensure an uninterrupted power supply. The most important thing about any UPS system is its battery which saves energy and releases it in case of a power cut. Over a while, these batteries lose their intensity, and this when they require to be replaced. Though this is not a big job, it is always advised to choose a skilled UPS battery replacement service provider. This is especially true if the UPS system is installed in a business setup. There are both local batteries and branded batteries and it is up to the person which option he or she prefers. Nevertheless, it is always advised to choose branded batteries as they come with some kind of quality assurance that might not be available with local batteries.

Always choose reliable UPS battery replacement services that assure longer UPS systems and increase system dependability. RightPower technology is compliant with UPS battery replacement services and records the removal process. Right Power Technology now has the superior distinction of being a significant player in the industry, education, and commercial fields.